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PHILOSOPHY: Our camps provide a service that everyone in our community can afford. Our goal is for all campers to work hard and feel good about themselves in a safe, disciplined, highly structured and motivated environment of learning and fun. We place the child and his or her personal development ahead of the game. Positive encouragement and measured improvement in the fundamental skills are trademarks of our camp, as well as players learning to work together in a team setting while playing games and tournaments.

TEACHING EMPHASIS: All of our camps offer a solid foundation of fundamental skill development for beginning players and a strong challenge for advanced players. Our teaching progression takes into account age and skill differences. Players are grouped by age, sex, ability and personal request. Young kids who begin in our Lil' Dribblers program and progress through with our camps twice a year will have a tremendous advantage once they begin school programs.


Grades listed is grade athlete is going into. If you feel your athlete can play at the next level or would feel more comfortable dropping back to better meet their skills you can.

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Below you will find a brief description
of all our camps and events we host.
Click to right of camp line for detailed information and registration on calendar.

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Grades for summer camps noted below are grades going into.


Lil' Dribblers (age 4 - 1st grade) (winter)

Co-ed for age 4 thru 1st grade, this camp is set in a fun, energetic and mistake friendly environment! HOOPZONE will focus on introducing kids to basketball, building motor skills like balance and coordination, and help develop listening skills and working together.  To assure these young athletes learn proper form we’ve developed 4-1/2’ and 6’ high hoops with mini sized balls so proper form can be developed.

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2-3 Hoop Stars-Winter (grades 2 & 3) (winter)

This co-ed program is for all our basketball hopefuls with a desire to learn the game and improve their individual skills. Athletes will spend time on individual fundamental skill work like shooting, ball handling, passing and defensive footwork in our skill stations. Beginners are welcome but they need a sincere enjoyment for the game and desire to learn. Using 10’ rims and 28.5” (women) balls.

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K-2 Little Shots (grades K-2) (summer) gif-hot

This co-ed camp is for grades K - 2 to create a love for the game in a fun, friendly and learning environment.  HOOPZONE will teach the fundamentals of basketball including dribbling, passing, shooting & man-to-man defense. 5', 7' and 8' baskets. Youth size balls will be used to teach these aspiring young basketball players proper techniques of the game.

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HOOP STARS (grades 3-5) (summer) gif-hot

This co-ed program is for all our basketball hopefuls, in grades 3 thru 5, with a desire to learn the game and improve their individual skills to the next level. The next step of shooting fundamentals, aggressive ball handling skill sets, team defense will be emphasized.  Closely monitored mini games will be played as well as accuracy and skills competitions to assure what is being instructed.

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PUREHOOP & Ultimate Ball Camp (summer) gif-hot

Co-ed for grades 6-8 this 2 day camp will spend the mornings teaching each athlete to evaluate and perfect their shot through class settings, intense repetitive drills that locks necessary shooting technique into place.
The afternoons will be high intensity training that is intended to make the camper become a better basketball player by understanding and becoming a skilled ball handler and agressive dribbler.
This camp is a must for all serious players.

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Strength - Speed - Agility (summer)gif-hot

No matter what your sport this ALL SPORT co-ed camp will focus on developing your strength, speed and agility. Focus on proper technique to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and good body control.


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Hard Hitting Offense (summer)gif-hot

This is a premier co-ed camp designed for serious players only to focus on weak hand work, attacking the basket, finishing drills, triple threat positioning, hard passing & cuts and decision making.


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Power Post (summer)gif-hot

This is a premier co-ed camp for serious post players. Extensive work on post skills needed to play inside and out. Footwork, positioning, post moves, boxing out, getting open, and lots more to be covered.

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PUREHOOP Shooting League (Aug-Oct) new

Co-ed for grades 7-12 this PUREHOOP Shooting League is a multi-week program, in late summer to early fall, designed to train and develop spot up shooting accuracy in a competitive shooting environment. By making this shooting league competitive you will feel the pressures of game shooting which is exactly what you need to be your team’s clutch shooter.

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FALL BALL Camps (late fall after youth soccer & rocket football)gif-hot

Co-ed these fall series of camps are broken into 3 groups, grades PreK thru 2, 3&4 and 5&6 and do not begin until after fall youth football and soccer.  Fundamentals will be stressed with mini games played at each camp setting.  These camps are great pre-season options for kids playing in winter AAU seasons or prior to getting on youth school teams. All basics will be taught and stressed during these camps.

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Rookie Basketball League (winter) gif-hot

Co-ed for grades 2 and 3, this league is designed to give youth the opportunity to learn the game of basketball in a FUN and healthy environment promoting good sportsmanship and team play.  Using mini courts, referees, 9’ hoops, youth size balls and lots of instruction this will bring the game alive for this age group. Instruction is verbalized by referee during play time so athletes can better understand what they are being ask to do.

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Christmas Break Sessions Grades 1-6 (winter)gif-hot

These camps will be for skill work and in preparation for the winter travel season. Whether your ball player is playing in our MMYBL league, The Rookie League or another youth league these camps got you covered! .

Spend this off school time to elevate your game!

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Pre-Season Camps, grades 7&8 and grades 7-12 (fall)gif-hot

These CO-ED camps are held in the fall for both 7th and 8th grade and 7th to 12th grade athletes designed to fine tune each campers game in preparation for their upcoming seasons.  There are 2 options for athletes in grades 7 & 8 because of school conferences holding seasons at different times. There will be NO SCRIMMAGING, we will emphasize conditioning, ball handling and shooting skills!

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Private/Semi-Private Sessions (anytime) gif-hot

Give your child a jump on the competition. Get ready for your try-out or the up coming basketball season by signing up for Private Sessions. Giving your child a jump on the competition will help with their confidence and basketball skills. Each player will be evaluated and we’ll teach skills that will help your child to get to the next level. Come alone or bring a few friends!

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ONE DAY CAMP ... at your place!

This one day camp includes our PUREHOOP and Ultimate Ball Handling and Dribble instruction which covers the basic mechanics of shooting and ball handling and dribble to assure your game is on track. HOOPZONE Basketball will help you start building the foundation needed to build a solid game. The camp is co-ed and is designed for players in 6th through 12th grades to be held at your school.

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HOOPZONE on the Road (Bring our camps to you!)

We work with you closely to design the camp that best suits your situation and needs. We often change the age grouping, the times, the gender to accommodate you and the camp you want to provide.
Any camps you see on this Camps/Events page can be brought rioght to your facility.

Click for details on this camp.

FREE SPRING FLING (spring time in your school)

This is an event that HOOPZONE Basketball offers FREE to schools in central Michigan to get young boys and girls involved and fired up over basketball. This is a great opportunity for coaches and ADs to have us come in and run the whole thing.

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3 ON 3 Tournaments

In the planning stages, more to come.


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Whatever the age, we have the camp.
In most cases all grades have an option twice a year for their development.
Our camps will include the following: Positive Communication, Goal Setting, Good Manners, Fundamentals, Defensive Footwork, Discipline and Work Ethic, Positive Attitude, Team Attitude, Respect for Parents, Shooting Skills, Games and/or Tournaments, Listening Skills, Building Good Character!

Some of our camps are PRIVATE meaning they are open only to the school or group who has brought HOOPZONE in and do not appear within these camp pages or calendar.

Our goal is for every student to leave with a positive experience, realizing that lessons learned on the court can help shape their lives off the court as well. Education is a fundamental element of HOOPZONE Basketball, an element emphasized and ingrained into every student’s mind.

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