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1. Beating the defense up the floor:
If it is your team's offensive style, fast-break and push the ball up the floor as quickly as possible, before the defensive zone or man to man can get set.

2. Analyze the defense:
What kind of defense are you facing, then set your offense accordingly. If the defense shows a two-guard front (e.g. 2-1-2 or 2-3 zone), use a one-guard set, with a point guard, in order to "split" the two outside defenders.

3. Full-court press on defense:
This favors a "transition type", wide-open, up-tempo game. A slow-down, half-court game allows the zone defense to be more effective.

4. Be Patient:
Be patient on offense, but take the first open, good percentage shot. Make sure your best shooters are getting their shots. It's always easy to just settle for outside shots against zones. But you still must get the ball inside. We have a rule that (except in transition), before any outside shot goes up, we must have one post touch first (either low or high post).

5. Offensive rebounding:
Crash the offensive boards and high-percentage shots can be gotten off the offensive rebound.

6. Maintain good spacing:
Stretch the defense with good spacing. Don't get "bunched up" players should move into the gaps and passing lanes. "Overload" zones by flooding areas of the zone with more offensive players than it can cover.

7. Attack the gaps, but avoid unnecessary dribbling:
Unnecessary dribbling allows the defense time to adjust or reset. However, guards and wings should look to dribble-penetrate the gaps, and look to dish off inside. Another good option is the "penetrate and pitch back"... when someone dribble-penetrates, the next perimeter player over rotates into the spot vacated by the dribbler. Now, as the dribbler sucks that perimeter defender inside, he/she can stop, pivot and pass back out to where he/she came from, which will be wide open for the 3-point shot.

8. Getting the ball inside:
Get the ball inside for high-percentage shots. It's OK to take the outside jumper or three-pointer, but don't settle for the outside shot on every possession. You must find a way to get inside to be successful. You must be able to get those important "points in the paint". Having success inside will cause problems for the defense, may result in their getting into foul trouble, and will open up your outside shot when the defense collapses inside. When the ball goes inside, if it is well-defended, go "inside-out" with a quick pass out for a wide-open three-pointer.

9. Use sharp passing:
And use the "skip" pass from corner to opposite wing, and wing to opposite corner. Look for the lob pass to the baseline and back-door. Passers should use ball-fakes, where they fake a shot or fake an overhead pass in one direction to get the zone to move, then pass in the opposite direction. Reverse the ball from side to side a few times and the zone often falls apart and gets out of position.

10. Triple-threat position on the perimeter:
Make sure your players receive the ball in "triple-threat" position, ready to shoot, look inside and pass, or penetrate. Don't allow perimeter players the bad habit of catching and dribbling. Unless there is a gap for a quick attack to the hoop, players should receive the pass in triple-threat position.


The plays shown on this site are kept as simple as possible so to keep the interest of the reader.  I’ve been to other sites where I get lost with so much play detail, not here.  If coaches/players understand basic ball principles, these plays will work just fine.  If you have a favorite play you would like to submit to our listing simply email me for details on how to get it done.

Coach O


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