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(Ages 9 and up)

privateCoach Owens is available for individual and small group instruction.  All sessions will be tailored to the individual player’s strengths and weaknesses, and will be designed to improve the overall game of the player, regardless of age or ability.  My goal is to help you elevate your game and make you a better player .  To set up your tailored session register below.  For ages 9 and up. See you soon!

You can have a 1on1 setting or get a few of your friends together for a small group session. If you choose a Semi-Private session you must have all campers. Dates and times will be established to best fit schedules.

To register online, click here
Camp location, Farwell, MI

To become better you have to dedicate time to doing the things that will make you better. The extra time you spend in the gym can help you make the team, propel you ahead of those who play in front of you, or it can set you apart as one of the best players in the city or your conference. Athleticism can make you a competitive player, but being fundamentally sound can increase your versatility and value. It is important to evaluate your skill level and determine what goal you want to achieve as a player (i.e., make the team, start varsity, play college basketball, etc...).

Since everyone's goals are different, our 1on1 sessions are designed to give each player the individual attention needed to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. Sessions focus on identifying weaknesses and developing strategies and drills in an individual workout that will improve and punish each weakness while strengthening existing abilities in order to meet individual goals.

From defense to offense, the player is evaluated and given instruction so they can progress and improve. Catch and pivot, free throw shooting, defense, ball-handling, quickness, stamina, movement without the ball, shooting with and without the dribble, low post moves, as well as other aspects of the game of basketball are evaluated and improved upon each training session. Sessions are personal and designed to take the time allotted to improve that player’s skill level and develop confidence and consistency in their abilities so they can advance in the game of basketball, and meet their personal basketball goals. See our article on one on one training, click here.

To register online, click here


+ Give your child a jump on the competition let him /her train one on one or in a small group setting!

+ Get ready for your try-out or the up coming basketball season by working with Coach O

+ Working in this program with help your athlete's confidence and basketball skills.

+ We will teach skills that will help your child improve his or her chances of making the basketball team

Costs per player per 45 minutes:
1 player - $25.00 per 45 minutes
1 player - $130.00, 6 Session Package (* FREE player evaluation)
2-3 playes - $20.00 per player per 45 minutes

2-3 players - $95.00 per player, 6 Session Package (* FREE player evaluation)

To register online, click here gif-hot
Camp location, Farwell, MI

All 1on1 or small group session are located in mid Michigan.

* FREE Player Evaluation
Each player who signs up for a “Six Sesson Package” will receive a free player evaluation to assess the player’s current basketball skills.  Goals are set for each player. A customized training plan is developed starting with basic fundamental drills and progressing to higher level drills based on each player’s development.

See our article on one on one training, click here.


Private Session Training video on YouTube


HOOPZONE Basketball personal instruction program is a weekly workout guaranteed to improve your skills.  This is not a camp or a clinic.  This is an individual training program designed to help you get the personal results that you want and desire.

"You must be EAGER to become the Very Best 
that you are capable of Becoming!"
- John Wooden (UCLA)

Elevate your game by setting up your
Private / Semi-Private sessions today!

"Using basketball as a tool to teach life skills!"