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give and go TIPS
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Player Development

giveandgoThe give-and-go is a one of the oldest and basic offensive plays in baskletball. The play is ran in which a player simply passes (gives) to a teammate and cuts (goes) to the basket, attempting to break free of his defender and expecting a return pass from his teammate. If the defender moves with the first pass, or turns his head, the ensuing cut should be quick and straight; however, a fake, v-cut, change of direction, or change of pace may be necessary in order to draw a reaction from the defender. When they see the give-and-go maneuver initiated, other offensive players must decoy their defenders away from the action and passing lane. If free to receive a pass, the cutter should raise his hand nearest the basket as a passing signal and target. The pass can be a straight pass, a bounce pass, or a lob pass as the situation warrants.

The give and go play is something that every team uses in one form or another. It is a very versatile play that can be adjusted to fit the players and the team. Every basketball player should understand the basic give and go play.



1. During the give and go it is important that the first player, the player with the ball at the beginning of the play, can get into good position to make the basket quickly. There is not a lot of time for the player to cut and get into position.

2. The player receiving the pass needs to be open and ready to catch the ball. He has to watch the first player so he knows where to pass and when to pass off the ball.

3. The first player usually makes the cut depending on the opposing defender. Once the ball is passed off he has to watch the reaction of the player. Usually the defender will pause, turn his head or even move slightly to one side which gives the first player the perfect opportunity to cut. If the defender does not react as planned, then the player will need to fake (v-cut) so he can get an open path to the basket.

4. The team should work together to distract from the passing line and from the cutter who is going to the basket. It is important that teamwork not be forgotten during plays like this where there are a few key players.

5. Learning this essential play can help a team to come together and help to teach players the importance of working together. Besides that, players will see that as they change teams and move along to different divisions that this play is one they will always use, which is why it is a fundamental play.

6. Teams should practice the give and go move often and as a play of it own. It may be a simple play but by staying active and moving without the ball good things happen.




Give and Go from high post set

#2 passes to #5 in high post. #2 v-cuts and sprints down lane looking for return pass from #5.



Give and Go from a 1-3-1 set

#1 makes a pass to wing guard #2. #5 set high post backside screen for #1 and #1 cuts down lane for return pass from #2. #4 must clear out of lane and be ready for pass from #1 coming down lane.



Give and Go from a 1-2-2 set

#4 v-cuts to get away from defender and receive pass from #2. #2 reads their defender and flashed down lane for return pass from #4.


Practice and use the Give and Go, pay attention to the details and watch what can happen!

Time to get to work,

Coach O


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