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At HOOPZONE Basketball we strive to be a leading website for basketball “go to” knowledge and instruction.  Here we provide you with all the great informing needed to be a successful player and coach. Our helpful camps, tips, plays, drills, practice outlines have given kids and coaches the advantage they need to elevate their game. On this site, you will find information about every aspect of basketball, but our emphasis is about educating and dwelling on the fundamentals and doing things right!

We're very passionate about the game of basketball and coaching it. We firmly believe that coaches have a huge responsibility on impacting their player's lives and developing their skills. Basketball is a simple game and there is no need to make it complicated. Yet, there are a lot of little things you can do to improve your game. From the day Dr. Naismith invented the game in 1892 there has been lots of changes but the fundaments still remain.

This basketball site contains knowledge that I have learned from my experiences of playing, coaching, attending clinics and from other colleagues. If you attend any of our camps you will be taught these same principles. Although I can not claim the knowledge to be all my own I do ask that you respect my work and not use this site’s materials in a profitable way. You may however print and use this website's materials for your team and your personal use.


Our Camps/Events at HOOPZONE Basketball, for ages 4 through high school, are designed to provide a basketball training environment for central Michigan girls and boys and support local schools in the development of their basketball programs. Since our beginnings we have broadened our camps by going down to age 4 and offering many options for all ages and adding our own youth Rookie League. Visit our Camps/Events page for all we offer. We DO NOT want to interfere with local schools program, but rather enhance them.  Young athletes who live in larger cities have options like private sporting facilities, YMCA’s, college camps, etc. to learn and develop.  Local rural towns have little available, especially for the youngest kids.  This is where HOOPZONE Basketball comes in. If you are interested in bringing a HOOPZONE camp to your gym contact us at camps@hoopzonebasketball.com

On this site you will also find tremendous development and instructional tools for athletes, parents and coaches. Over my years of coaching it is amazing how much information, plays, drills and player tips I’ve accumulated and written down. It is through having all this information that I have decided to share with you. Here you will find a wide assortment of plays, drills, player tips, offenses, defenses, zones, press breaks, tip-offs, inbounds plays and much more as helpful tools. Our Coaches Tools section is filled with information to assist coaches in getting organized and building a program. Our instructional videos are in the making and sure to be a big hit at a future date!

We also have published lots of Cool Links, Locker Room (for our campers) how to handle Injuries, Basketball 101, O-ZONE and our highly suggested Training Aids.


coachCoach O (Bruce Owens), a life long resident of central Michigan, resides in Farwell, Michigan and works at Dow Chemical Engineering Solutions in Midland. He is happily married and has 2 children.

His basketball experience comes from playing competitively in the sport through school and up until about the age of 42 in leagues, shootouts and 3on3 tournaments. He has been involved in coaching youth basketball and high school basketball at freshman, JV and varsity levels since 1995. Coach O is currently heading up the Flames Basketball Club which suits up 4 to 5 AAU traveling teams for Farwell Girls in grades 4 through HS age. To learn more about the Flames Basketball Club click here.

Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of basketball and to provide an atmosphere for learning, playing and enjoying basketball in a very positive way.  Our campers are divided by age and ability and spend their time at camp receiving mostly small group and individual instruction.  We’ve been holding youth camps over the past eight years and have seen tremendous success watching these campers grow into fine basketball players. We also want our campers to understand that the same qualities it takes to excel in basketball are the same qualities that it takes to excel in life: discipline, hard work, dedication, treating people like you want to be treated and living with purpose.  The lessons that they learn in the gym are just as important as the lessons that they learn in the classroom of life.

Our camps provide a service that everyone in our community can afford. Our goal is for all campers to work hard and feel good about themselves in a safe, disciplined, highly structured and motivated environment of learning and fun. We place the child and his or her personal development ahead of the game. Positive encouragement and measured improvement in the fundamental skills are trademarks of our camp, as well as players learning to work together in a team setting while playing games and tournaments.

We're here to help you improve your basketball. If at any time you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to email us at frontdesk@hoopzonebasketball.com.