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Bring HOOPZONE Basketball to you!

We not only host multiple camps and leagues in central Michigan but we also can host at your facility either closed to your school or open to the general public.  All our camps listed on our “Camps/Events” page in addition to customized camp settings (half day skills, etc) can be arranged upon request.  We work with you closely to design the camp that best suits your situation.  We often change the age grouping, the times, the gender to accommodate you
and the camp you want to provide.

Want a youth camp open to your surrounding area or a private MS or HS pre-season camp to get your kids ready? HOOPZONE can do it!

Coach Owens is the instructor and attends every camp. We provide a FREE T-shirt for athletes. We ask that you bring water to have court-side for your convenience and a towel. Every player needs to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the first day of this camp.

Camps we offer: Lil Dribblers (age4-K), Basics 1-2 (grades 1&2). HOOPSTARS (grades 3-5,
Skillz & Drillz (grades 6-8). PUREHOOP Shooting (grades 7-12) ULTIMATE Ball Handling and Dribble (grades 6-12) & Pre-Season (grades 7-12). We can also alter any of our camps to fit your requirement, half day, full day, etc.
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Questions and Answers about HOOPZONE Basketball coming to you:

1. How many players does it take to get HOOPZONE Basketball to come to my community and run a camp?
We require a minimum of 25 campers for our camps at your site.

2. Can we have multiple age camps back to back on same visit?
YES, this is the best way to achieve your 25 paid registrants. Running 2 different age camps back to back almost always guarantees the host to get there minimum amount of 30. Example could be hosting a “BASICS 1-2” and a “HOOP STARS”. 90 minutes each for 3 hours total.

3. What happens if we do not get 25 paid applicants?
It is the host responsibility to pay for 25 applicants whether you have them or not. HOOPZONE Basketball is guaranteed payment for 25 applicants.

4. What do we need to provide for you to come to our community?
+ We need a location to hold the camp with times reserved and a designated person to have access to all gym areas.
+ 6 adult or HS age helpers capable of assisting Coach Owens in conducting the camp. All helpers simple reinforce the instruction of Coach Owens
+ We prefer a private gym setting, as it is essential to great training with no outside interference or sound.
+ Gym needs to have a minimum of 2 baskets.
+ If running a “BASICS 1-2 camp we’ll need baskets that come down to 8’ heights. Our “Lil Dribbler” camp (age 4 thru K) we will provide our own portable hoops.
+ We also appreciate any help of marketing and recruiting to encourage players to attend. Remember it takes of MINIMUM of 30 players for HOOPZONE to come.

5. What does HOOPZONE provide?
We provide all the balls, teaching aids, T-shirts, poster artwork for promoting event.

6. How would athletes register?
Applicants can register online through HOOPZONE Basketball website (your camp page), or by filling out a paper registration form. Host school will be responsible for collecting the money and making payment to HOOPZONE on day of camp.

7. How would our camp get marketed?
It is the host responsibility to market/advertise their camp and make sure they get athletes there. HOOPZONE can advertise on our website with a private camp page dedicated to your camp where people can get information and register at no additional cost to you. We will also provide you with poster artwork and press release to use.

8. What about gym rules?
Our same gym rules will apply just like our local camps.

9. Will participants be required to sign waivers?
Yes, all participants are required to sign a waiver form prior to beginning camp.

10. How much will it cost per athlete?
Individual costs varies based on length of travel and type of camp. Details will be worked out upon contact.

Have a question about this process, contact me directly via email at coacho@hoopzonebasketball.com

To host and set-up an HOOPZONE Basketball camp today
email us at coacho@hoopzonebasketball.com.




YouTube video links of HOOPZONE camps:

PUREHOOP & Ultimate Ball Handling camp
"HOOPZONE Training Facts"
"Lil Dribblers camp"
"Welcome - HOOPZONE Basketball"




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