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COMMENTS ON THIS PLAY: Combination defenses are usally used in an effort to stop or slow down great individual offensive players. These can be very effective against any team not prepared for them. Below are some examples of combination defenses.



Box and 1:
This defense uses four defenders playing a zone defense in a standard "box" set-up. Two defenders are on the low blocks, and two are up at the elbows. The fifth defender plays man-to-man defense against the star player. This defense may work best against a team with a good point-guard or perimeter







Diamond and 1:
This defense works best against a team whose star is an all around good athlete inside and out. Your chaser is your best defender, and plays man-to-man against their star player.
The other four defenders are set up in a diamond zone formation. The diamond consists of a defender at the point, two wings and a low post, middle defender. This defense is weak in the high post area and corners.





Triangle and 2
This defense is great against a team with two excellent scorers and three average players. Two defenders play man-to-man against the two best scorers. The other three defenders play zone. Two play on the low blocks and have corner responsibilities too. Your best, quickest, hardest-working defender plays the middle position starting at the free-throw line. He must cover the free-throw line area and above. He must also cover the ball-side low block when the ball goes into the corner.



This defense is a combination zone inside and man-to-man outside. The three outside defenders assume strong pass denial positions. And the two inside players zone on the baseline much like a 1-2-2 zone. The combo defense is usually used against a penetrating spread offense






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