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Co-ed, grades 6-12 (going into)


onedayThis "ONE DAY" camp includes our PUREHOOP and Ultimate Ball Handling & Dribble instruction which covers the basic mechanics of shooting and ball handling and dribble to assure you game is on track. HOOPZONE Basketball will help your group start building the foundation needed to develop a solid game. The camp is co-ed, unless requested differently and is designed for experienced players in 6th through 12th grades.

This camp can also be modified for a 3-4 hour session rather than a 9:00-4:00 full day.

At HOOPZONE Basketball we not only teach the skills …
we equip the athlete!

Each camper’s fee includes our 2 most popular selling eBooks; PUREHOOP Shooting and Ultimate Ball Handling & Dribble. These books teach the mechanics of shooting and ball handling with pictures, diagrams, instructions, tips, progress charts and off season workouts and are great for future referencing. Learn what it takes to be successful in basketball and in life. Don't delay set up your camp date today!

Coaches: This is a perfect camp to get your kids tuned up and on the right track AT YOUR PLACE. We will work with you on setting up your camp, providing you with a webpage, posters, brochures, registration forms and everything to get it going. Contact us at camps@hoopzonebasketball.com and get your "ONE DAY" started today!




During PUREHOOP Shooting:
- Class time understanding the mechanics of the shot.
- Proper jump shot, lay-ups and free throws.
- Proper form of Catch and Shoot
- Proper way of Catch and Square up to basket.
- Quick pull-up off the dribble - Emphasis of the shot pocket
- Lots of gym time going over your shot, drill after drill, hundreds of shots!
- Every participant will be monitored.
- Learn shooting off the dribble, off the pass and off the screen.
- Shootout competitions.
- Develop your off season practice plan.

During Ultimate Ball Handling/Dribble:
- Class time understanding the mechanics of the shot.
- Learn proper ball handling and dribble form and begin developing your skills.
- One ball, 2 ball and tennis ball drills.
- Straight Line dribble moves; Hesitate, In-out and Backup
- Change of Direction dribble moves; Crossover, Between legs, Spin, Behind back
- Advanced dribble moves; Double crossover, Pull-back crossover
- Lots of gym time going over skills, drill after drill.
- Every participant will be monitored.
- Dribbling competitions.
- Develop your own off season practice plan.


Questions and Answers about a “ONE DAY” camp coming to you:

1. How many athletes does it take to get HOOPZONE Basketball to come to my community and run a camp?
We require a minimum of 25 paid campers.

2. What happens if we do not get 25 paid athletes?
It is the host responsibility to pay for 25 athletes whether you have them or not. HOOPZONE Basketball is guaranteed payment for 25 athletes.

3. How long is the “ONE DAY” camp?
This camp runs from 9:00am until 4:00pm with a lunch break. We normally run our ball handling session in the morning and shooting in the afternoon.

4. What does the host school need to provide for HOOPZONE to come?
+ We need a location to hold the camp with times reserved and a designated person to have access to all gym areas.
+ 6 adult helpers capable of assisting Coach Owens in conducting the camp. All helpers simple reinforce the instruction of Coach Owens
+ We prefer a private gym setting, as it is essential to great training with no outside interference or sound.
+ Gym needs to have a minimum of 4 baskets.

5. What does HOOPZONE provide?
We provide all the balls, teaching aids, T-shirts, webpage for your camp, advertising artwork for promoting event.

6. How would athletes register?
Applicants can register online through HOOPZONE Basketball website (your camp page), or by filling out a paper registration form. Host school will be responsible for collecting the money and making payment to HOOPZONE on day of camp.

7. How would our camp get marketed?
It is the host responsibility to market/advertise their camp and make sure they get athletes there. HOOPZONE can advertise on our website, through our mass emailing newsletter and through Facebook. We will provide you with your own camp webpage with links to brochures, posters, etc.

8. Will participants be required to sign waivers?
Yes, all participants are required to sign a waiver, which is part of the registration form, form prior to beginning camp.

9. How much will it cost per athlete?
Individual costs vary based on length of travel to host facility but it will be between $50.00 - $65.00 per athlete.

10. How far do you travel to run a camp?
We only travel throughout Lower Michigan for our ONE DAY camps. Have a questions, contact Coach Owens directly via email at camps@hoopzonebasketball.com .

To host & set-up a HOOPZONE Basketball “ONE DAY” camp
email us at camps@hoopzonebasketball.com.


Each camper will get our FREE eBooks for future,

PUREHOOP Shooting book sample
Ultiamte Ball handling & Dribble book sample


All campers will get a FREE T-shirt
& FREE group photo! 

Training Facts video on YouTube


"Using basketball as a tool to teach life skills!"
Start small, dream BIG!




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