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Who are these camps for?
Boys and girls age 4 through 12th grade who like playing basketball, who want to play on a school team now or in the future.

What will my child learn or gain from attending this camp?
With our youngest campers we focus on developing skills and learning the game.  Our older athletes will learn basketball fundamentals and develop an understanding of how to become a competitive player on the court.  This translates to an enhanced sense of self-confidence and "unstoppability" in life. They will learn by practicing specifically designed drills and techniques in an intensive, but fun, basketball setting.

Will my 4 year old be able to do this?
You would be amazed just how well and how much fun our Lil' Dribblers have at camp.  With our 6-1/2' and 8' rims and youth size balls it brings the game right to their level.  Beginning at this age and learning the proper form of dribbling, passing and shooting, along with developing the interest sets these kids on the road to success. Visit our Lil' Dribblers page for photos from prior camps.

Do the boys and girls practice and play together?
All campers are separated into different groups by age, gender, and skill level but sometimes they may play together.

Can my child attend a camp a grade higher?
We feel it is up to the parents if their child should play up or move down based on abilities. No problem on our end if your child attends a camp higher than their grade.

What should I bring to camp?
Ever camper should come with proper gym shoes, water bottle and a great attitude to learn.  See camp rules.

Do you kick players out for bad behavior or weak effort?
Sometimes!  We will not allow a bad attitude to disrupt everyone else.  At our younger age level camps learning is the key and most come to learn.  At our older Ultimate camps weak effort and a bad attitude will get you out the door in no time.

How come you don’t have game settings at your ULTIMATE camps?
For our older Ultimate camps we strive to focus on the player’s development of skills.  We will not scrimmage at all, only work on the camps skill set.

Can we bring food and flavored water or soda to camps?
NO.  Most gyms do not allow food or sugared water in their gym.

How many players does it take to get your camp to our school?
We require a minimum of 25 campers to come to your school.  If cancelled a full refund will be made to all paid campers.

What do we need to do to get you to come to our community?
Go to “How it Works” to get information.

Can I cancel out of my camp?
All camps/event fees are final and non-refundable. If for some reason you cannot attend contact us with 24 hours and you can get a HOOPZONE gift certificate to use for future camps or in our store.

As a high school coach, will my athletes get hurt during your Pre-Season Camp?
Coaches make sure you read “Coaches Please Read”.  We want to insure every coach that promotes our Pre-Seaqson camps (grades 7-12) that ball handling and shooting skills ONLY will be taught.  We strictly prohibit any scrimmaging, horse play or 1 on 1 play in our camps just prior to seasons.

Are parents and coaches allowed to stay and watch any of the camps?
Parents are allowed to stay and watch our camps.  We encourage parents at our youth camps to learn and watch themselves so they can continue on the home front.

Do you only offer camps during the summer months?
NO. On our Calendar page you'll see the whole year of camps/events being held in central Michigan. Dates and times will be added as time draws near. We do not post private camps on our Calendar page.

As a parent, why are camps during the day when I work?
Although the evenings may be the best time for parents it adds a whole new level of conflict with summer ball and after school functions. Most private facilities offer camps during the day and you may need to make arrangements with family members or car pool with friends.

Can I video tape during camps?
NOT at our Ultimate or Pre-Season camps, but YES at our youth camps (K-8th grades). At our youth camps you may take as many pictures or video tape as you want.

Can I still get into a camp at the last minute?
Only if there is still room.  All our camps have a maximum numbers of athletes, if there is still a stop you can get in.  Contact us before just showing up to make sure of camp size.

Can my child miss a day or half-day during a camp? Will this put them behind?
It is not uncommon for kids to occasionally miss a day or have to leave early or arrive late on some days due to various reasons.  We realize that family schedules require flexibility.  If they miss instructions for a new drill or ball-handling move, we will ensure they get time with a camp coach to bring them back up to speed.

Can I help at camp?
Yes you can. At our Lil' Dribblers, K-2 and HOOP STARS camps parents are more than welcomed to help.