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ROOKIE League Rules

Printable forms:

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Skills Day Rules:

The Skills Day will be at the Farwell MS gym, date and times noted on homepage.  Enter MS gym through north door facing Ohio Street. For map see website.

The Skills Day will be run by HOOPZONE to work on fundamentals and find out where each player is at with abilities.  Each player will engage in a series of drills made up of running, dribbling, shooting, passing, and general ability to see how best to set up teams.  All coaches should attend the Skills Clinic to rate the player’s abilities and to help in organizing the Skills Clinic drills.

We will try to honor requests for kids playing together with their friends within reason, especially when it comes to parents carpooling and siblings.  In the end, we try hard to be as fair as we possibly can.  If a request has been made by parents to put kids together (siblings or friends) on the same team, please do so on the day of the draft. 

Any late sign-ups that come in after the Skills Day will be assigned to the teams with the least amount players first, in the order of highest rated team to the lowest. This assigning of additional players will be overseen by HOOPZONE.

Finally, this league has been designed for the enjoyment of the kids playing, not for the coaches or the parents.  It is our job as role models to the kids to ensure that there are no bad attitudes, or poor sports.

Game Day Rules:

School will be open 15 minutes before the first game start of practice.  Enter the school through designated entrance, change shoes and come straight to gym.  No one is allowed to wander hallways, must stay in gym or lobby area of school where you came in.

Coaches to do their best to allow equal playing time for all players.  Realize this can be difficult for both the coach and the parent so please be understanding.

Only the teams playing in the current game are allowed to shoot or warm up on the floor.

All teams will begin with a 15 minute practice, followed by 20 minute half, 5 minute halftime then another 20 minute half making a 60 minute total.

The practice time can be used in anyway the team chooses as they practice on their own hoop.  Following the practice time the game will promptly start.

Games will use a youth size ball and basket height of 9 feet.

All teams will have a 10 minute period to wait for players to show up.  After 10 minutes the team unable to get 5 players will forfeit.  We would like to give the teams every opportunity to play, but if we delay games more than ten minutes the rest of the scheduled games will start late also.

Time will be kept by a timekeeper on the sideline or the referee..  Time will generally be considered “running time” but will be stopped on time outs. 

MHSAA rules will apply, with exceptions noted below.  Referees will only call real obvious calls or when the infraction results in a turnover.  A little traveling, double dribbling is OK otherwise we’ll be stopping games too often.  Referees can remind youth about their fouling and positioning.  Remember we want the kids to learn the game so we’ve relaxed some rules to allow play to continue. Referees are allowed to instruct.

Traveling is allowed for a few extra steps when passing or shooting.  Running with the ball will result in referee discussing with athlete and trying again.

No double dribbling allowed, once picked up you can’t start again. Referee to warn at first, then call if it continues.

No lane violation will be called.

Defense is man to man and only allowed on half court, defense must get back withihn 3 point arc! No zone defense allowed.

No steals allowed on the dribble or pass, players can only go after a loose ball on floor.

No blocking of shots, we want the offense to be able to shoot and defense to turn and seal out for rebounding.

Players cannot foul out in games, but may be asked to sit down if they get out of hand.  Coaches and refs help to handle this.

Man to Man defenses only.  No zones or no double teaming.  The defensive team must retreat to inside the 3 point arc so the offense can bring the ball across the half court line.  There will be no defense beyond the 3 point arc until the offense initially penetrates the 3 point arc and then they can pickup anywhere in their half court. This will allow teams to dribble up, make a few passes before coming face to face with defense.  Let’s try and get the athletes to stick with the opponent they’re guarding rather than the 3-4 kids running around guarding the ball.  Please note that if an offensive player breaks away from their defender at anytime, a teammate can leave their assigned player and pick up the breakaway player.  Referees may have to stop game once in a while to keep this rule going.  Coach this right from first practice and remind them.

Jump Ball will start first period only from then on ball possession will be used.

Free throw lines will be taped on floor inside the normal 15’ range for this age group.

All shooting fouls will be taken out of bounds or begin at top with point guard.

No 3 point shooting.  We do not want to encourage this shot.

Substitution to happen on dead balls or after a score, coach to holler out sub and referees stop game to allow substitution.  Referees and coaches always help make sure athletes know who they are guarding when coming into games.



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