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All games and Skills Clinic/Draft Day will take place at the Farwell Area Schools middle school gym. Enter MS gym through north door (click for map) facing Ohio Street.

This league is operated by HOOPZONE Basketball and not the Farwell Area Schools.  Do not call the school for cancellations, problems or questions.  Issues/concerns can be submitted via email to frontdesk@hoopzonebasketball.com or call Bruce Owens at 588-9626.

This league’s game schedule will follow our Skills Clinic/Draft Day..  All league dates will be posted on website once finalized. 

Participants may register as a single and get assigned to a team or you may register as a group/team.

A coaches meeting or email will take to get everyone on the same page and review rules.

Registration fee includes a free Skills Clinic and League Team Jersey to be worn on game day and all games. 

The Skills Clinic/Draft Day will be to evaluate players and establish teams. 

Games will be Saturday mornings into early afternoon per dates on Rookie homepage.  . 

Game Schedules will be made after we know just how many team we’ll have. 

Games will be played in accordance with the schedule set by HOOPZONE.  Schedules, once finished, can be found at link above, "Game Schedules".

15 minutes prior to every Saturday morning game teams will have this time for their own team practice.  This will allow coaches to remind kids and work on skills.  If teams can find a gym during the week for practices you can do so.

All coaches are required to conduct themselves in a respectable manner.  Being a role model for our youth is a task that should be thoughtfully considered.  Therefore, it is paramount that the behavior and attitude of our coaches be scrutinized to promote a healthy and rewarding atmosphere for our youth.

All coaches to strive for equal playing time for all their players.

Admission to games is free and limited seating is provided.  No food will be provided or allowed in gym.

No outside basketballs are to be brought in by coaches and players.  HOOPZONE will supply all warm-up basketballs and game balls for this league.

All parents/guardians, and coaches must sign a release form before participating.  Our release statement is part of our registration form parents submit..

This League relies on volunteer coaches to help these young athletes develop their game.  If you want to volunteer to coach a team please let us know on registration form.  Coaches will be assigned once we have a feel for how many teams are needed.

Coaches will notify players of your game schedules and distribute game jerseys before first game.  All schedules, forms, directions, etc can be found on our website.

Coaches will be responsible for spectators and players attitudes and behavior associated with your team during games.  Should attitudes become unmanageable the referee will ask the person to leave the gym.

All players MUST have carry-in shoes.  Shoes worn from outside of the facility should not be worn on the basketball court.  Make sure you change shoes in lobby before entering gym so not to track in water on floor.  Families also help us with removing snow from shoes to keep water off playing surface.

No outside food or athletic drink of any kind will be permitted to be carried into gym, water only. 

No jewelry or hair pieces of any kind may be worn during a game.  If hair constraints are necessary, a rubber band or small hair tie is recommended.  All players wearing glasses should also wear safety straps to secure the glasses in place.  Plastic lenses are strongly recommended. 

No fighting, foul language, trash-talking or taunting will be permitted.  The first offense will be a technical foul, the second offense will be ejection from the current game and suspension from the next game.  Any player/coach ejected twice in one league will be suspended for one year.  Coaches will be responsible for their own conduct as well as that of their entire team and fans at all times in the gym.

There is a no tolerance policy for referee disputes.  Only the head coach will be allowed to address the officials.  The official reserves the right to explain (at his/her discretion) any call to any player or coach.  Everyone is doing their best.  A continuation of disgruntlement toward the referees will result in a suspension.  HOOPZONE will provide referees and they will be knowledgeable.

Any game cancellation due to inclement weather HOOPZONE will notify each coach who then will call his team. It will also be posted on www.hoopzonebasketball.com homepage and HOOPZONE Basketball on Facebook".

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