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Welcome to the Mid Michigan Youth Basketball League (MMYBL) for BOYS!

Our philosophy is to give as many young athletes as possible a chance to develop their skills, learn teamwork and enjoy the game of basketball.

This site to help keep our athletes, coaches, parents and fans informed and educated about this league. Choose from the menu selection below to read more.


Get you kids started on the right path at
HOOPZONE Rookie League for grades 2 & 3
starting in February. Registration opens in Dec.

About Us: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx (TOP) 
This league is only as good as it's members make it. Coaches, Athletes, parents, fans MUST keep in mind the purpose behind what this is all about. That is developing good sound fundamentals.

Mission Statement:xxxxxxx xxxx (TOP) 
It is the mission of the Mid Michigan Youth Basketball League (MMYBL) to provide and promote a safe, instructional basketball program for the youth throughout mid Michigan. Not focusing on scores and winners but developing solid fundamental skills so athletes can benefit from a firm foundation. MMYBL encourages good sportsmanship, developing strong playing skills, and promoting friendly relationships among the players, coaches, referees and parents.

League Purpose: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (TOP) 
> Skill development for each player.
> Sportsmanship and introduction to competition.
> Development of team play.
> Emphasis on having fun and enjoying the experience.
> Equal participation for all athletes.
> Learning respect for athletes, referees and coaches.

General League Information:xxxx (TOP) 

● Games will begin early in January on Saturdays for as many Saturdays as we have teams with each team playing 2 games per Saturday.
● No cost to teams to participate, however each school must host a Saturday of games and on their host Saturday they must pay for registered officials for grades 5 & 6 games.
● Admission to games is free however host school can have a donation box at front door. Host school may also have concessions.

Game Rules: Click here to printx xxx (TOP) 

● 5 minute pre-game warm-up, 20 minute running clock halves and 5 minute halftime.
● MHSAA rules will apply, but realize these young players are learning so allowing a little traveling and double dribbling is OK at 4th and 5th grade levels. Only call real obvious calls or when the infraction results in a turnover or roughness. 6th grade games should be called stricter. Officials are encouraged to quickly talk to athletes about what they are doing wrong or warn them about traveling, etc before making a call.
Grade 4 require one adult and if wanted a second official (can be HS age) per game.
Grades 5 & 6 requires one registered official per court per game.
Grades 4 & 5 there are NO free throws, ball to be thrown in after a personal foul.
Grade 6 will include a single free throw on shooting fouls in addition to the fouled team getting a single point.
Game clock on all 3 courts is a running clock but will stop on timeouts and the last 2 minutes of each half for time outs, free throws and dead balls.
All 3 grade courts will keep score on score board and coaches (if agreed upon) can reset score at halftime. Each team must bring a score book.
NO zone or switching defenses allow (see help and recover below).
Grades 4: Half court man to man defense only! Must allow opponent to bring ball across half court line. No zones, no traps, no double teaming, no pressing and no switching allowed. Work with players, right from day one, on good defensive body positions and stick with their opponent rather than double teaming or switching. If an offensive player breaks away from their defender, a teammate can leave their assigned player and pick up this player until teammate recovers. Officials may have to stop game once in a while to keep this rule in force.
Grades 5 & 6: Pressing (man2man), trapping, hedging, double teaming allowed HOWEVER both coaches MUST agree upon timeframe and it must be a man to man defense, no zone. Teams can do as much as both coaches agree to do on game day to develop their teams.
HELP & RECOVER (HEDGING) RULE: There is no double teaming or pressing in grade 4 however help defense is important to learn and players understand on screens. Coach your players on offense to look for the screen and get around it. It is OK on a good screen for the defender to switch to understand the process, however once the defending teammate is back on their assigned player the switched defender must return to their own offensive player. Coaches, help your players (offense and defense) understand that this will be happening and understand what to do. Once again no double teaming on these switches and no permanent switching.
Fouls need to be addressed immediately by the official. Two rough / aggressive fouls per half will result in that player sitting out the remainder of the half. Everyone work together to eliminate rough play, coaches put a stop to rough play on your team.
In grades 4 and 5 personal fouls will result in team fouled getting 1 point and the ball back.
In grade 6 games will shoot a single free throw on shooting fouls and receive a point.
Need happen on dead balls or after a score, coach to holler out “sub” so official allows player(s) to come in and “quickly” get properly assigned to opponent. Officials and coaches always help make sure athletes know who they are guarding when coming into games. If no dead ball is happening let official know you need to sub.
All teams are allowed one 60 seconds timeout per half.

if the game is tied at end of regulation we will have a jump ball and first team to score wins to help keep games on time.

2017 Boy's Game Schedule:xxxxxxxxxxxxx (TOP) 

Number Date Location Game Schedule (click below)
Week #1 1-14-17 Harrison

Full Season Game Schedule
to print and view (PDF format)

Week #2 1-21-17 Beaverton
Week #3 1-28-17 Rosco
Week #4 2-04-17 open anyone?
Week #5 2-11-17 Meridian
Week #6 2-18-17 Houghton Lk
Week #7 2-25-17 Meridian


Coaching Responsibilities: Click here to printx (TOP) 

● Control game environment. Eliminate rough, reckless fouls. If a game gets rough please have the leadership to end it rather than to think the rough play will get you the advantage. Encourage aggressive play but rough fouls have no place in this league.
● At this age your priority should be to teach, not win. Your focus should be fundamental skills, teamwork and individual improvement.
● If you have a team that is overpowering your opponent, do not continue to steal and grab the ball defensively. Rather work on defending passing lanes, moving their feet or switch your defenders around so they can learn playing other positions.
● Do not speak negatively of officials or other athletes. If you have players getting all worked up over a bad call remind them we are here to learn to play better. Once negativity begins it only gets worse.
● Encourage and congratulate the opposing players when positive play occurs.
● Do not come to the games with winning in mind but stress the importance of improvement from week to week. Help make the games enjoyable and educational for everyone involved.
● substituting in players must happen on dead balls. If action is not stopping get official’s attention to sub.
● Line teams up at end of game for hand slapping.

Host School Responsibilities:xClick here to printx (TOP) 

● Have THREE courts reserved and ready to go by 8:30am sharp on Saturdays as games begin at 9:00. Parents and athletes will begin to get to school between 8:00 and 8:30, so be ready. Have courts clearly marked and keep each grade on the same court as this is how game schedule is outlined. Post a game schedule at each gym entrance.
● Have a time keeping and scoring method, workers and officials for each court, grade 4, 5 & 6.
● Have responsible officials lined up (as noted below) and ready for every game and rule sheet available at all 3 tables. Our concern is not a bad call but rather the game getting to rough.
● Be ready to quite aggressive, loud spectators if need be. Your officials don’t need this, our teams don’t need this and our league doesn’t need rude fans.
● Provide a game ball for each court. Teams should bring their own practice balls.
● Have ice available if needed for injuries.
● Host school will make the call to cancel games if in the case of bad weather by 7:00am on game day. Host school is to email out to coaches distribution list, AND call other schools main contacts by 7:00am. Each school’s main contact should then call their coaches and then coaches call their players. Families will know if they have not received a call that the games are still on. Names of school main contacts and phone numbers are listed on our webpage, www.hoopzonebasketball.com/mmybl.html . There is no make-up plan for games that get cancelled.


Get you kids started on the right path at
HOOPZONE Rookie League for grades 2 & 3
starting in February. Registration opens in Dec.

2017 Participating Schools:xxxxxxxxxxx (TOP) 

School: Main Contact: Map to School:
Farwell Jade Powell, 989-915-7623

Farwell can't host this year.

Beaverton Shad Woodruff, 989-330-4032

4th and 5th to play in HS gym
3090 Crockett Rd Beaverton

6th to play in MS gym
Just north of HS, doors off M-18


Marion Latunski, 989-339-6059

4th and 5th to play in HS gym
700 S. Fifth St - Harrison

6th to play in MS gym
710 S. Fifth St - Harrison

Houghton Lake Jeff Goodwin, 989-387-1973

4th and 5th to play in HS gym
4433 W. Houghton Lake Dr - HL

6th grade to play in MS gym
4441 W. Houghton Lake Dr - HL


Mitch Bohm, 989-687-3300

4th and 5th to play in HS gym
3303 N. M-30, Sanford, MI

6th grade to play in MS gym
3475 N. M-30, Sanford, MI

Roscommon MJ Ewald, phone 989-239-6518

4th and 5th to play in RMS gym
299H W. Sunset, Roscommon

6th grade to play in RHS gym
10600 Oakwood Rd, Roscommon


School: Teams Coach:
Farwell F4, 4th grade, 1 team Jade Powell
  F5, 5th grade, 1 team Dave Baxter
  F6, 6th grade, 1 team Elisha Young
Beaverton B4, 4th grade, 1 team Steve Love
  B5, 5th grade, 1 team NO 5TH GRADE TEAM
  B6, 6th grade, 1 team Shad Woodruff
Harrison H4, 4th grade, 1 team coming
  H5, 5th grade, 1 team Marion Latunski
  H6, 6th grade, 1 team John VanAntwerp
Houghton Lake HL4, 4th grade, 1 of 2 teams Jeremiah Dull
  HL4, 4th grade, 2 of 2 teams Mike Mieske
  HL5, 5th grade, 1 team Darren Barns
  HL6, 6th grade, 1 team Jimmy Meigs
Meridian M4, 4th grade, 1 team Keith Heal & Andy LaFave
  M5, 5th grade, 1 team Brock Holsinger
  M6, 6th grade, 1 team Mark Bailey
Roscommon R4, 4th grade, 1 team NO 4TH GRADE TEAM
  R5, 5th grade, 1 team Chad Hamina
  R6, 6th grade, 1 team Paul Roth


Coaching Linksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (TOP)  

Downloads PDF formatxxxxxxxxxx (TOP)  

League Rules
Game Rules for Officials

Coaching Responsibilities
Host School Responsibilities
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Get you kids started on the right path at
HOOPZONE Rookie League for grades 2 & 3
starting in February. Registration opens in Dec.





































































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