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flames - Club History
- Mission Statement
- Club Purpose
- Expectations
- Teams
- Downloads (pdf) and Links

(grades 4-6 league)
A basketball club dedicated to the development of Farwell Area Schools girls.

Club History: xxxxxx xxxx (TOP

FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB is a non profit organization which provides basketball opportunities to Farwell school girls beginning at 4th grade. Dee (Smedley) Yarger began this club in 1998 with a team of local girls for the first 5 years and since 2001 has expanded into teams for grades 4-8 because of growing interest within the Farwell schools.

Mission Statement:xxx xx (TOP

Club Mission Statement The mission of FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB is to provide an opportunity for athletes to build character and success both on and off the court, to increase each player’s individual basketball skills and to give players an opportunity to foster new friendships through the competitive experience. FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB feels each player is a contributing member of the TEAM and everyone will be challenged in practice sessions and will be provided opportunities during game situations to display her basketball skills. All players are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their team through hard work, hustle, mutual sacrifice and teamwork. 

Club Purpose: xxxxxxxxx (TOP) 

> Skill development for each player.
> Sportsmanship and introduction to competition.
> Development of team play.
> Emphasis on having fun and enjoying the experience.
> Learning respect for athletes, referees and coaches.

Expectations:xxxxxixxxx (TOP)

Coaches Expectations: As players are expected to make a commitment to the FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB, so are the team coaches. This commitment includes:

Being available for practices and tournaments.
Showing respect for all players, officials and other coaches at all times.
Modeling integrity, sportsmanship and fair play.
Establishing player safety and welfare as the highest priority.
Using discretion when providing constructive criticism and reprimanding players.

Communicating with parents regarding the following:
- Coaching Philosophy
- Player Expectations
- Parent Expectations
- Locations and time of all practices and tournament games
- Team Requirements
- Injury incidents occurring during practices or tournaments

Setting expectations and requiring all players to abide by the FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB Code of Conduct and Team Rules (form is located under “Forms” on the main menu).

Player Expectations: FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB emphasizes individual development, team play and sportsmanship. All players are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB through hard work, hustle, mutual sacrifice and teamwork. Players are expected to be available for all scheduled practices and tournaments, and to give coaches as much notice as possible if unable to attend for any reason.

Players are expected to cooperate with team coaches by following directions and guidance offered by them. Players are also expected to abide by the FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB Code of Conduct and Team Rules and to hold themselves to high standards of conduct and to refrain from engaging in behavior either on or off the court which will reflect poorly on themselves, their coaches or FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB.

Parent Expectations: Parental support is essential to success of FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB. Parents are expected to support not only their own daughter but also other team members and team coaches. Some of the ways that parents are expected to achieve this are as followed:

- Treat all coaches, players and officials with respect at all times.
- Ensure that their player abides by the FLAMES BASKETBALL CLUB Code of Conduct and Team Rules.
- Take the opportunity to participate in club activities.
- Avoid public displays of criticism toward players, coaches or officials.
- Provide time for post-game team meetings and discussions.
- Provide suitable arrangements for transportation of their player to all practices and tournaments.
- Support coaching decisions and direction.

Communicate with coaches regarding the following:
- Mental, emotional or physical issues that will affect player abilities.
- Ways to help their player improve.
- Schedule conflicts.
- Sickness or other physical issues your coach needs to know.

Respect the discretion of the coaches and refrain from discussion regarding the following:
- Playing Time
- Team Strategy
- Play Calling
- Other Athletes

FAQ: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (TOP

A non profit Club designed to give Farwell girls the opportunity to develop in basketball by practicing and playing in leagues and tournaments traveling throughout central Michigan. 

Is it only for Farwell girls?
Yes it is.  Every Farwell athlete has the opportunity participate in our program.  If any team has a hard time filling a roster then they could go outside Farwell to pick someone up but Farwell girls get priority.

How much is it?
Each team’s cost varies based on their involvement in the format of games to be played.  This cost will be discussed by FBC or the coach prior to team starting.  The younger teams (grades 4-6) may cost $20. a season per athlete while older teams (grades 7 & 8) may have to pay more to participate based on league costs. 

Who does it involve?
- Girls beginning at fourth grade up to eighth grade; from Farwell.
- Supportive parents that travel with the girls and help the coach.
- Volunteers that coach and assist the team.
- Sponsors that help with the cost.

Where does it take place?
Practices are usually at one of the Farwell gyms in the evenings or Saturdays and at some local churches in the area that let us use their facilities.  Anytime school is cancelled due to weather our practices are also cancelled.  Games can be all over.  Younger teams play mainly in Central Michigan areas and older teams may travel further.

How does FBC keep parents informed?
We will use email to keep families informed. We will also use "Flames Baskeball Club on Facebook.

When does it happen?
Signups for grades 4-6 are normally in mid October with practices to follow in November and December and games beginning in January.
Signups for grades 7 & 8 are early December towards the end of the girls MS ball season with practices beginning in December and games in starting in mid January. Practices take place in evenings a couple nights a week.

Tournaments start after the first of the year and can go up to spring break.  They can be Saturday and/or Sunday but varies per team.
Practice and Tournaments are usually set up in advance for planning.  A calendar will be distributed by each coach to their team.

Why would people want to be involved?
The program has been a great success for many Farwell girls.  They not only gain skills and knowledge in basketball, but also:  Team Work - Determination - Work Ethic - Respect - Pride - Responsibility!!  Not to mention, meet new people, make lots of great friends and have a lot of fun!  The better high school athletes are the ones who start at an early age (elementary age) and continue throughout high school.

Teams:xxxxxxxxxxx (TOP


Head Coach:
Dawn Sponseller & Misty Cain

Team Roster:
Alexis Cain
Madison Travis
Emma Swarthaut
Zara Wardwell
Jaelynn Hensley
Michele Hamilton
Olivia Brown
Melanie Hall
Abigail Self
Anna Pitts
Remi Sponseller
Raini Sponseller

For game schedule in MMYBL click here
See your coach for practice schedule

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Head Coach:
Gordon Risbridger & John Lake

Team Roster:
Liberty Shindorf
Abby Vaughan
Shellby Nickerson
Emily Nickerson
Chloe Gerow
Sammy Sherman
Alexandra Bacon
Kylie Smith
Madelynne Thrush
Bralee Thrush
Allison Lake

Kylee Donaldson
Alexis Lockwood
Fiona Uhrig

For game schedule in MMYBL click here
See your coach for practice schedule

Photo coming



Head Coach:
Kayla Schunk

Team Roster:
Aleia Allbee
Mia Fetzer
Grace Beardsley
Baylee Blain
Madison Nunn
Madyson Williams
Zoey Blanchard
Jadyn Boal
Hope Hurt
Rylee Moore

For game schedule in MMYBL click here
See your coach for practice schedule

Photo coming



Head Coach:
Elisha Young & Dawn Sponseller

Team Roster:
Jenna Odykirk
Aliyeh Wyatt
Sydney Seybert
Breann Young
Hunter Sponseller
Harley Graham
Kendall Hickey
Katheron White

For game schedule in CMYBA click here
See your coach for practice schedule

Photo coming



Head Coach:
Dan Hensley & Dawn Rhoades

Team Roster:
Halle Conroy
Kirsten Brandon
Isabel Murphy
Mariah Norbury
Michaela Burgess
Ally Sunderman
Madi Hensley
Brianna Parker
ZAlex Gerow

For game schedule in CMYBA click here
See your coach for practice schedule

Photo coming



Head Coach:
Chad John

Team Roster:
Brittany Parker
Kourtney John
Vanessa Foster
Lilly Albaugh
Grace Saupe
Hanneh Averill
Rio Risbridger
Olivia Lake
Kaylynn Brandon

For game schedule in CMYBA click here
See your coach for practice schedule

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Downloads (pdf) and Linksxxx (TOP)  

Registration/Rules/Waiver Form
Athletic Code and Conduct
Farwell Area School Gyms
Flames Basketball Club on Facebook, (lots of pictures)


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