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pre-season parent meeting HOOPZONE

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Below are a number of items I would cover with parents in our pre-season parent meeting. Make sure you come prepared with practice and game schedules to pass out. I'd like to get a parent signin sheet incase down the road a parent would say "you never said that" and I can inform them it was covered in parent meeting.

+ Everyone sign in.  If you want to be kept informed via email of activities, events pertaining basketball please write it in signup sheet.

+ Introductions of all coaches within the program.

+ Signing out process after a game.

+ Tryouts  MAKE SURE you pick up a Tryout Cover Letter.  This Tryout letter tells you exactly what we’re looking for (ability, hustle, attitude, commitment (and by that I mean attendance at Boot Camp, summer camps and open gyms)).  We will begin by placing kids at their grade levels, but that is not to say that players who show superior skills, attitude and commitment will not be moving up.  Once teams are set after tryouts, we still have 2 pre-season scrimmages where shifting may happen or even throughout the year.  Let me make this real clear what I’m looking for . . . .

+ Each team will be asking for volunteers during the season, so step up.  A good program MUST have good parental involvement to be successful!  GET INVOLVED PARENTS, BE HELPERS!

+ Review Team Rules as a group, have parents sign and turn in!

+ Christmas break will have gym time.  We will be asking athletes to give us their travel/family time during the holiday break so we can schedule gym times.  We cannot go 2 weeks of no ball; we will have gym time and possibly a Christmas Tournament.  We will hand out Christmas gym schedule early to mid December timeframe.

+ Basketball is our top priority and all of the coaches within this program feel very strongly that we demand our athletes give basketball priority.  If a situation comes up about academic make up issues let us know.  Otherwise our players are expected to be at every practice and team event. 

+ Medical attention.  We cannot give out advil or any kind of meds.  In our med kit we will have band aids, tape gauze, muscle rub, and some girly items.  Anything we should know about your athlete it is your responsibility to tell us. 

+ Our goal is everyone taking ownership of their team, themselves and giving 100% every time they practice and play! - We want this season to be a pleasant experience yet disciplined and rewarding.  Our athletes will be challenged mentally and physically and it will not all be fun but it will be a learning experience.  If a coach wants something done right we’ll do our job to get it done right.  We’ll have rules and girls must know and follow them.  WE WILL BE MONITORING EVERY ATHLETES DRIVE AND ATTITUDES THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE YEAR.  We expect hard work and zero attitude.  If you and/or your athlete have an issue come to your coach and talk.

+ We will have a parents night and senior night towards end of season.  We’ll get word out on this.

+ Team dinners or snacks after or before games must be lead by parents.  This coaching staff has enough to do on game days.

+ Athletes getting along is important to the success of a team, and parental support can make or break a teams attitude!  Please be positive and supportive of your team and coach.

+ Don’t forget the HS season begins ________, with 3 days of tryouts from 3:15 – 6:15.  Physicals MUST be done prior and turned in.

+ Any questions for me before you’re dismissed to meet and talk to your athlete’s coach.

Hope this get you thinking,

Coach O

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