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rebounding drill: multiple text drills
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Online Drills

COMMENTS ON THIS DRILL: These are great old drills that teams have used for ages. They do not wear out or get old, add them to your practices.

Rebounding is one of the most important aspects of the game of basketball. Overlooked by most people watching, coaches know it has high priority to winning a game. If you're a good rebounder, your scoring will be up. Good rebounding skills also lay the foundation for great teamwork.


Putback Drill
Place 3 players in the lane under the basket with a coach out on perimeter. Other team members out of bounds under the basket. Coach tosses ball high on board and the three players in the lane try to rebound. Any player who gets the rebound and attempted put back get to leave the lane and a player from baseline groups takes their place. Go until all players have participated at least once. No dribbling, traveling or intentional fouling!

If you get the rebound and you are on offense you try to score. If you are on defense you pass it to one of the outlet guys. If the offence scores they get 2 points. If the defense gets the ball to one of the outlet guys they get 1 point. Play to 10 and losing team runs.

Pressure Outlet Pass
Have four players under one basket and two other players positioned on either side of the basket, in wing positions, ready for an outlet pass. Coach will take shot and the four players under basket will box-out and rebound. The player who gets rebound is now faced with the other three as defenders and should immediately look to outlet either by smart dribbling and then passing, pivoting and then passing, or a straight pass to one of the outlet players. The other three players should make it difficult without fouling.

Personal Rebounding
One player practice rebounding off the backboard using the techniques we described on our fundamentals page. Throw the ball off the board, set up in a rebounding position with your body wide and strong. Leap up and at the top of your jump, grab the ball with both hands and bring it straight down and then spring back up for shot. Keep the ball up, out and away.

Fast Putbacks
Player should be about 3-4 feet back from the basket with ball. Coach will keep the for one minute. Players try to make as many underneath shots as possible in one minute. Grab the ball after every shot and put it right back in without letting it hit the floor. One dribble may be necessary as no traveling is allowed.

Over and Back
Two players at each block location. One player throws the ball off the glass from one side of the basket so it will come down on the other side. The other player jumps for the ball and catches it and throws it off the glass back to the first player before coming down. If you can’t throw in the air come down and aggressively go back up to return pass.

Over Rim Rebound
This drill is for one player. Players should start on a block and toss ball high off backboard so it goes over the rim to the opposite side of basket. The rebounder sprints across the lane to get  the rebound and aggressively jumps back up for the put back shot. Repeat going back in other direction. Do ten times and rotate new player in.

Board Tips
Players form a single line up in a line above the foul line facing the basket. The first player in line goes to basket and tips the ball off the backboard 5 times. On the fifth tip, the player jumps up and grabs the rebound with both hands, comes down keep ball under chin, pivots and passes to the next player in the line. Player 2 repeats the same process

5on5 Box-out
Place a ball in the middle of the free throw line and position 10 players around the free throw line circle. The 5 defensive players are inside closest to the ball, the 5 offensive players outside of them. On the coaches whistle the defensive players turn, pivot, make contact with the offensive players and block them out. On the coaches second whistle, about 5 seconds after first, players go for ball. Defense should get it.

Rebound Game
Play games of 3on3 with all baskets counting as 1 point and rebounds counting as 2 points. By making rebounding more important it will force players to want them.

3on3 Drill
Form three single file lines out from basket. One at the middle of the foul line and the other two on each side of the lane. The first player in each line starts as the defender with their backs to the basket and facing the second player in each line with the second players in the lines as offensive players. On the coaches shot he three defenders turn and box out the offensive players and go for the rebound. After the rebound, the offensive players turn and play defense while the defensive players go to end of a different line.

Bang the Ball
Player with ball begins under their basket to the side of the hoop. Hold onto the ball with two hands, jump up and bang the ball on the glass and as you land, bend down and bang the basketball on the ground. Repeat this action quickly over and over. Bang it hard forcing yourself to hang on tight.

Rebound-Fast Break
Set up four lines. Two lines in the wing area, for outletting and two lines under the basket for rebounding. The coach will be the shooter and stands at the foul line. To players step into lane from rebounding line. As the coach shoots the basketball, these first two players block out and fight to get the rebound. The rebounder then throws an outlet pass to either of the sideline outlet players. The player not getting the rebound gets back to defend the fast break with the other sideline player who didn't get the pass. This gives you 2 defenders against the 2 on fast break situation. Have players rotate to different lines staying within their position.

3on1 Hard
Aggressive rebounding and shooting the shot after the ball is rebounded is what this is all about. Divide players up according to size and/or position in and around lane area. Each group of players should have an individual basket and a coach with each group to shoot. The drill starts with all players underneath the basket getting ready for good box out position. The coach then shoots the ball and as the shot goes up, it's everyone for themselves to try and get the rebound. When a player grabs the rebound, all other players then become defenders and surround the rebounder.

Wall Down & Back
A great drill for rebounding, keeping ball high and conditioning all at the same time. All players have a ball and face the wall with the ball held over the head in both hands. On the coach's signal, the players jump up and down in place with the ball staying raised above the head for 10 hits. After 10 hits the players leave the basketballs where they stand and then sprint a down and back. When they return to the wall they grab ball and repeat the process again.

Circle Box Out
Position two players inside any circle with their backs to each other lightly touching. The other players line up around the circle awaiting their turns. On the coach's whistle, the two players inside the circle begin to push against one another, trying to get the other player out of the circle. Rotate two more in and repeat.

Group Tips
Set up groups of 5 to 6 players in a circle, tip the ball around the circle. Players can tip ball with one hand or both hands.

Tipping Marathon
Every  player standing out from the wall about 3 feet and tipping off wall.  See how many tip everyone can get and if a player misses they must stop and watch continuing players. . Players must be in the air when they tip the ball.

Rebound Line
Make a line of rebounders on side of basket about 6’ out from backboard. The first person starts it off by shooting it high off the backboard and then runs to the end of line. Next person in line grabs the ball in mid air and throws it of the backboard to the next person. This continues for 2-3 min. without the ball hitting the ground.

Wall Slams
Everyone standing about 5 feet from the wall and hold the ball in a high rebounding position. Now throw the ball against the wall as hard as you can so that it comes back at your head. Every time it comes back to you, grab it like a rebound and keep it high.  Once comfortable at 5 feet, move back a step and repeat the drill. Next, stand about 2 feet from the wall and throw the ball from your chin with two hands. Make sure you stay focused because if you miss the rebound, the ball will hit you in the head.

Bump War
In this drill 2 players attempt to use their bump (butt) to back the opponent out of the lane or circle, 2 on 2. Arms out but only the elbows may be used to contain the opponent. Spinning off the opponent is allowed and if you push the other person out even on your original side, you win.

3 Point Rebounding
You have 4 on offense 4 on defense and they are positioned in or close to the lane area. The defensive guys are on the inside and the offensive guys are on the outside. You have two players positioned  outside the three-point line waiting to get the ball. The drill starts by one of the guys outside three point line shoots a three. The guys on defense yell “shot” and box out the guys on offence and to get the ball.

1on1 Rebounding
Place 4 perimeter shooters around the lane and 2 rebounders in the lane. Outside shooter begins and whoever gets rebound tries to score within 5 seconds with a 2 shot limit. Perimeter players are counting to five. If they fail to score, pass the ball to any shooter and then repeat with another shot. Set your goal for keeping points to make it competitive.

1on2 Rebounding
In this drill we have 3 players under the basket, the rest of the players in line out of bounds under basket. Coach throws up a shot and whoever gets the rebound is offense, the other 2 are on defense. You must score twice times to get out. Once a player gets to 2 the new player takes their place with a zero score and others still in the drill keep their scores.

McHale Drill
Great drill for ball control at basket. Have the player stand underneath and to the right of the basket. Begin by tossing the ball off the backboard. As the ball comes down, jump up and tip the ball back off the glass with your right hand. At the same time, use your left hand and try to grab the rim (or as high as you can go). After ten tips/grabs score the basket, and then proceed to the other side of the hoop and repeat, using the opposite hands.

Stomp the Spot
1on1 defense must keep the offense from touching the designated spot on floor with his foot by blocking them out. Use any intersection of lines as boundaries and have a number of pairs go at once. 

1on1 Bounce
Everyone in pairs, one offense and one defense. The offensive player shoots the ball almost straight up so it comes down on the floor a few feet behind the defender who is facing him about 3 feet away. The defender, once ball hits, has to turn and keep the shooter from getting to the ball before it bounces 2 times or 3 times. The offense can get the ball as soon as they can get around the defense. As soon as offense touches it both must fight for it. The player with the ball must chin it, pivot away from the other player, and protect it for 5 seconds while the other player tries to knock it loose.

For lots of Rebounding drills with diagrams "click here".

Good luck!

Coach O



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