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passing drill: multiple text drills
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Online Drills

COMMENTS ON THIS DRILL: These are great old drills that teams have used for ages. They do not wear out or get old, add them to your practices.

Passing ranks right up there with basketball shooting as far as being one of the most important basketball fundamentals. If you're a good basketball passing team, your scoring will be up. Good passing skills also lay the foundation for great teamwork.


2 Person Shuffle Pass
Two lines at baseline 15 feet apart with each player in one line having a ball. Slide step to the other baseline while passing to your partner. When you get to the other baseline, run or dribble back to the end of the other line. 

2 Ball, 2 Man Passing
Each man has a ball, both throw at once. One uses a bounce pass while the other throws an overhead or chest pass, etc. Race to 50 catches without a miss.

Wall Rapid Fire Passing
Have your players line up facing a solid wall, about two feet from the wall (or a toss-back rebounding device). Each player begins rapid fire passing against the wall, moving back about two feet with each pass until 10 feet away (5th pass). Then he/she starts moving closer to wall by two feet with each pass, until 10 passes are completed. Repeat this 10-pass cycle until each player has made a total 20 passes.

Partner Passing and Catching
Have each player get a partner, and each pair has a ball, so they can "play catch" with each other. Have the partners separate about 12 - 15 feet (comfortable passing distance), and face each other. Work on chest, bounce and overhead.

Monkey in the Middle
Get in groups of three, each group has a ball. Line up the passers about 15 feet apart. The third man in each group is the "monkey in the middle" and tries to steal or deflect the ball, while the two outside players try to pass to each other. No dribbling is allowed, except for a one-bounce sideways dribble to open a passing lane. No easy lob passes over the defender are permitted, all passes are firm. Passers should be in triple-threat position and work on pivoting and ball fakes to clear the passing lane. For example, the passer can fake an overhead pass to get the defender to raise his hands, then make a bounce pass, or "curl" bounce-pass.

Triangle Passing Drill
This drill can be done well by younger players who are not yet adept at full-court drills, such as the weave drill. At each basket, create three passing lines about 12 to 15 feet apart. One line is at the top of the key, another in the right short corner area, and a third in the left short corner area. As an option, you can use cones or marks on the floor, so that the lines don't "creep" inward.
To run the drill, start with the ball at the top of key (point) and either pass to right or left (can go either direction). The players start behind the cones, step out to receive the pass and pass to the next station in same direction. After the players make their pass, they sprint to the next line in the same direction as the ball, following their pass - no walking. You can change directions and also alternate between chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passing.

For lots of passing drills with diagrams "click here".

Try them all!

Coach O



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