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DRIBBLING drill: multiple text drills
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Online Drills

COMMENTS ON THIS DRILL: These are great old drills that teams have used for ages. They do not wear out or get old, add them to your practices.

ballDribbling ranks right up there with basketball shooting as far as being one of the most important basketball fundamentals. If you're a good ball handler, your scoring will be up. Good dribbling skills also lay the foundation for great teamwork.


Dribble knock-out
This is a great drill with each player having a ball and limit them to box on floor. Size the box based on number of dribblers. You get a point for each ball knocked away and you are out when yours is knocked away. You can set a time limit when it gets down to 3 players if needed.

Full Court Speed Dribble w/Jump Stop
Multiple players standing on the baseline, dribble at full speed up the court. Push the ball up the floor as quickly as possible while still maintaining complete control of the dribble. When you reach the opposite free throw line extended, come to a strong and on-balance two-foot jump stop. Repeat the drill 5 times, each time stopping at the opposite free throw line with a two-foot jump stop.

2-Ball Alternating Dribble
Each dribbler has 2 balls. Start by dribbling both balls from the baseline up to the free throw line extended, with both basketballs hitting the ground at the same time. Once you reach the free throw line, start a stagger dribble where each ball hits the ground separately. Use this stagger dribble to the half court line, then switch back to a simultaneous dribble to the free throw line, then a stagger dribble to the baseline. This is a great drill for ball handling skills. You can change up types of 2 ball dribble.

Wall Dribble
Standing closely to the gym wall, dribble the basketball at shoulder height against the wall. Dribble the ball a half inch or inch from the wall, really pounding the ball hard against the wall, moving it up and down and left to right. Everyone doing this together can work their way left and right. Do this for 20-30 seconds at a time with one hand, then switching to the other hand. Rest for one minute, then repeat with the right and left hand.

Finger Counting
Spread out along the baseline about 15 feet apart with one ball in each line. Dribble 1on1 Z pattern with defense shuffling. A coach stands at each end holding up various numbers of fingers on the hand that is in front of the dribblers. Dribbler yells how many fingers the coach is holding up, then the coach changes the number. Dribbler and defender change coming back the other way.

Dribble, Jump Stop, and Pivot
Everyone spread out across sideline or baseline, each player with a ball dribbles ahead until coach’s whistle, jump stop and pivot, pivot back and switch dribbling hands. Alternate forward pivot and reverse pivot and alternate pivot foot.

1on1 Hesitate Cross Dribble
Start on the baseline and take 4 or 5 hard dribbles toward the opposite end. Hesitate and cross dribble in close and continue forward with a straight dribble in opposite hand. Now, take 4 or 5 hard dribbles towards the half-court line, hesitate and cross dribble to beginning hand. Continue on to the opposite baseline using repeating this process.

Dribble Suicide
Spread out across the base line. Dribble to the free throw line, mid court, other free throw line, and other baseline, always returning to the original baseline. Options: Use retreat dribble when returning, use weaker hand, use two balls, relay race with two or three players per team.

Full Court Zig-Zag
Stand on the baseline just under the right side of the backboard and dribble to the right sideline at a 45-degree angle with your right hand. Stay low, keep your head and eyes up so you can see the floor. When you get to the sideline, change direction with a cross-over dribble and dribble with your left hand at a 45-degree angle to the center of the court. Once your reach the center of the court, switch directions again with a cross-over and dribble to the right sideline. Repeat this drill the full length of the court. Once you reach the other end of the floor, turn around and do the same drill back. Use good dribble form and aggressive cross-dribbles.

Lane Z Dribble with Defense
Dribble 1on1 between lines the full length using various change of direction moves. Defense drop step and cut off the dribbler and turn him as many times as possible. Utilize 2 lines on the floor that are about12’ apart.

Dribble Tag or Sharks and Minnows
Great old game that’s been around forever. Player who is it (tagger) starts in the middle, everyone else with a ball on one sideline. When the tagger says “go”, dribble across the court with each one tagged added to the taggers the next time. Options: dribble left handed, taggers have to dribble while they tag dribblers, or taggers have to take the ball away from dribblers (start with two taggers). 

Dribble Relay Race
Relay race weaving through cones making various dribbling moves for each direction change (behind back, between legs, spin, crossover). Each cone has it’s own type of dribble change.

Pressbreak 1on2
Dribble against 2 defenders, using a variety of moves in the back court. Puts an emphasis on the back dribble and other “escape moves”. When you get to half court rotate positions coming back to baseline. This really forces the ball handler to work using their moves.

Dribble Between Legs
While walking, dribble ball between legs going from dribblers front side to back side. Walk the length of the floor. To enhance the drill, perform the drill at a quicker walking pace, maybe at a light jogging pace.

Elbow and In
Start on base line underneath basket, dribble to right elbow and hard cut for right handed lay-up using only one dribble. Get own rebound and dribble to left elbow hard dribble in for left hand lay-up. Repeat back and forth for 10 aggressive lay-ups.

Caterpillar Dribble
Line jogs around gym, 2 balls (1 front, 1 rear) and players about 5’ apart. Rear dribble weaves between players (cross dribble) to front. Once a front of line the second ball in line gets passed over head to back person to repeat process again

For lots of passing drills with diagrams "click here".

Try them all!

Coach O



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