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Private Instruction Can Make A Difference!

privateBasketball is a team sport, but the five individuals on the court must have solid fundamentals for the group to succeed. Some players seek private basketball instruction to finely tune their skills. Our sessions are offered to younger players just learning the game and to those playing at the high school and collegiate levels who want to reach their potential as well as maximize their playing time.

Individual training is an effective means for a player to improve. We work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide measureable results.

Our sessions are in a structured learning environment where the player does not feel the pressure of performance. As the player's skill level increases, the confidence of feeling prepared in a competitive game situation will come naturally.

The coaching environment allows for the tailoring of drills and techniques to suit the individual’s goals whether that is wanting to make a team, get more playing time, or develop basic fundamentals. Each 45-minute session is structured to improve and build upon your current level of play. We design our standard sessions for one or two players. You can set your session up to best fit your needs.

One thing parents should keep in mind is the motivational level of the child when deciding whether or not and at what age to put a child into a private training situation. "I think that age is irrelevant to private instruction. It is all about when they are ready to learn the finer points of the game," says Bruce Owens, the founder of HOOPZONE Basketball. "We offer a wide range of skill training, shooting, ball handling, rebounding, post play, guard play are just a few of the most popular requests".

Shooting is the number one request for private training. Lots of young kids develop poor shooting habits due to lack of instruction and shooting at a hoop to high. Good shooting in basketball comes after hours upon hours of repetition and training. A player must acquire the proper muscle memory in order to shoot the basketball in the exact same manner every time. This consistency will lead to a better shooting percentage. After a few weeks of training, your body will become accustomed to the proper basketball shooting form.

If you are an athlete or parent who sees the need for some private or semi-private tutoring email us today. To read out Private/Semi Private page, click here.


For our private training handout, click here.


HOOPZONE Basketball
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