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Not every athlete is crazy about basketball and that is OK!  Many kids enjoy playing 3 sports giving equal time to each one.  These athletes devote themselves to basketball, volleyball and softball/baseball or track.  I commend these kids for being involved and staying active!  But we live in a new time of sports.  Gone are the days of trying to be very competitive in a sport without spending extra off season time to gain the advantage.  Successful teams today are teams who have a few athletes, per grade, who have a passion for the sport of basketball playing additional seasons.  These kids play out of their HS season on traveling basketball teams, they devote extra summer time in developing their game, and they take advantage of extra one on one coaching time.  These kids are not the ones who just think of being great they are the ones who want it, parents support them, and are willing to spend the time and money to get it.  Their passion is basketball and when summer comes the majority of their sporting time is basketball.  After their HS basketball season they are still willing to spend time with a coach working on ball handling skills, shooting, etc.  These are the athletes a coach can build a program around around.

What Does A Coach Look For?

Good qualities :
1. Respectful to teammates, coach and interacts well
2. Sprints hard, plays hard, pays attention at ALL times
3. Obvious by your actions basketball has a very high priority
4. Shows up to open gyms with very high attendance
5. Clean of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, skipping school, fighting, etc.
6. Gets good grades and involved in school functions
7. You are a person of your word and I can trust what you tell me

Poor qualities :
1. Talks poorly of your teammates and coach
2. Would rather jog than push yourself
3. More interested in boys, sitting home and lack of drive to practice
4. Hardly ever shows up to open gyms, but talks like it
5. Likes to live on the edge, getting in trouble at times thinking no ones knows
6. Stays after school for poor grades and attendance
7. You tell me one thing then do another; I can’t trust what you say to me




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