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 Coaches should live a good moral life before their athletes.  Be that positive influence with your actions and conversation.

 Coaches (males especially) should always make sure your not getting yourself in an unhealthy or compromising situation with your athletes.  Male coaches should never be anywhere in a room along with a female athlete.  Locker room interaction is a must for coaches so talk to your team when you will be coming in, (pre-game, halftime, post game)

 Provide a safe and healthy and organized environment where basketball skills can be taught and learned.  Safety is a priority!

 Commit to the program’s ideas, team rules and be firm in implementing them.

 Coaches must be willing to put in extra time in developing the youth, MS and HS athletes through off season camps.  I want coaches who are willing to do things outside their seasonal stuff.  I will be contacting coaches about helping at out of season camps, open gyms and fundraisers.

 Encourage all athletes to be the best they can be, understanding that athletes differ in their abilities.  Give 100% during practices and games physically, mentally and verbally!  Preach the message of 100% practice equals great games; junk practice equals junk games!

 Each team to have a structured, 100% pre-game routine.  It should look good and organized.

 Coaches must make sure their athletes have turned in their Physical/Emergency release form before any activity can begin with the team.  Coaches must carry a copy of these forms with you at all times during playing time.

 All coaches shall submit a player information form stating athlete’s name, address, parents, etc.  All teams (7 - 12) submit forms to AD.

 All coaches shall submit a player roster stating athlete’s name, number and position played.  All teams (7 - 12) submit forms to AD.

 All coaches shall submit a ‘Season Summery Report’, ‘Recommendation And Needs Form’ and a ‘End Of Season Checklist’ at the end of the season.  Turn in to head coach at evaluation time.  Also turn in your score books to head coach.

 Every team will have a parent meeting prior to season starting.  High school will combine and middle school shall combine.  Parents should understand the school guidelines, team rules & sportsmanship. 


 Coaches are responsible for the issuing and returning of all practice jerseys, uniforms and equipment.  At year-end all items must be accounted for during the post season coach evaluation.

 Head coach, Varsity assistant or JV coach must occasionally attend 7th thru 9th grade practices and games to monitor how program is working.  Are our goals, plays, etc. being implemented?  Offer help, suggestions and praise efforts of coaches and athletes.  Major attention must be made to middle school and younger programs for total program to grow!

 Coaches should keep accurate records of scoring, rebounds, blocks, steals.  Find a parent willing to do this. DO NOT post at MS level for girls to see, these records are for coaches to use to follow progress.

Do it right Coaches,

Coach O

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