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stationary ball handling - 1 ball dribble drills
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Online Drills

Some of these ball handling drills are easy and some are much more difficult based on your experience. Don't get discouraged if you struggle on some of them, keep working on them and you will be amazed as to how easy they become in time.

Ball Handling 1 Ball Dribble Videos

The following stationary ball handling drills we teach at our HOOPZONE camps. These drills have been around for years and used in camps from youth up through the pro level. If you are having a hard time understanding the text in drills below click the Ball Handling Video link above. Check them out:


1) Pound it!
Start with a solid dribbling position with knees and waist bent. Dribble the ball waist high at the side firmly, do both sides.

2) High / Low
Start by dribbling the ball waist high for 10 seconds, then suddenly let it fall low by dribbling it as low as you can, hold this for 10 seconds, then bring it back up to waist high. Do this several times with each hand.

3) Front V-Dribble
Dribble the ball in front you, as if you were going to cross over to the left side. Instead of getting it with your left hand, roll your right hand over the top of the ball, and bring it back to the right. Keep dribbling like this: right then cross over V-dribble. Repeat with the left hand.

4) Side V-Dribble
Now do the same v-dribble on each side, following the same directions as found in Front V-Dribble.

5) Under One Leg
Extend your right leg in front of you with the knee bent. Dribble the ball back and forth under the leg with the left hand in front and right hand behind. Work on keeping head and eyes up. Repeat with left leg.

6) Circle One Leg
Extend your right leg in front of you with the knee bent. Dribble the ball completely around your right leg. You can start using both hands to dribble but get to the point of right hand only on right leg. Repeat with left leg.

7) Figure Eight
Stand with your knees about shoulder-width apart and bend over slightly. With the ball in your right hand, dribble it between your legs in a figure eight motion to your left hand. Dribble the ball to the front and then dribble it from your left hand back to your right hand in the same figure eight pattern through your legs. Start slowly and increase your speed as you get more comfortable.

8) Bongo Dribble
Get on your knees and dribble the ball as fast as you can, alternating your hands as if you were playing a set of bongo drums.

9) Typewriter Dribble
Get on your knees and dribble using one finger at a time to dribble with, use all your fingers including your thumb.

10) Crossover Behind Back
Get in a "sitting" type position with your feet apart, knees bent and butt back. Crossover dribble the ball behind your body, under your butt left to right.

11) Shuffle
Jump with one leg going forward and the other going backward, and then crossover dribble the ball through the legs.

12) Wall Dribble
Bounce the ball as quickly as possible up and down a wall. Start as high as you can comfortably reach, work down to the floor and then back up again using your right hand and then your left.

13) Dribble Sit-Ups
Lay on your back and begin dribbling the ball by one side. Note, your fingers are doing the dribbling. Start doing sit-ups but maintain control of your dribble as you do so. Repeat the drill with your other hand.

14) Butterfly (F to B)
Begin by bending at the waist and knees with feet wide apart. Using a figure 8 type motion, bring the ball forward around the outside of the thigh and over, and then down through the legs, catching it behind with the opposite hand. Then bring it up around and over the opposite thigh and back down and through the legs to the original side. Start slow and work towards getting faster.

15) Windmill (B to F)
This drill is just the reverse of the "Butterfly". Bend at the waist and knees with feet wide apart. Bring the ball backward over the thigh and dribble it from behind through the legs and catch it in front with the opposite hand. Bring it over the top of the opposite thigh, behind the back and dribble it forward through the legs, catching it with the original hand. Start slow and work towards getting faster.


Sample One Ball Dribbling & Ball Handling Workouts

Stage 1: Beginner Workout:
Pound it!, High / Low, Front V-Dribble, Side V-Dribble

Stage 2: Intermediate Workout:
Same as the beginners workout, except you add; Under One Leg, Circle One Leg, Figure Eight, Bongo Dribble, Typewriter Dribble

Stage 3: Advanced Workout:
Same as the Intermediate workout, except you add; Crossover Behind Back, Shuffle, Wall Dribble, Dribble Sit-Ups, Butterfly (F to B), Windmill (B to F)


Don't give up keep working at these!

Coach O


All drills are FREE
and not to be used
in a profitable way.





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