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Off Season Workout

The off-season (summer time) is a great time to correct and improve upon the mechanics of shooting, dribbling, and ball handling for any player. Getting to camps is a great place to start however great athletes are the ones who drive themselves to train on their own!  I’ve always said “Great basketball players are born in their own driveways on their own time, not in school gyms.

Players must be in top physical condition if you expect success during the season. In order to reach this plateau, an out-of-season program must be in place.  Shown below, is a typical outline of summer workout for athletes.  For great tips on every aspect of the game go to hoopzonebasketball.com and click on “Development/Tips

Ball Handling: (For ball handling examples go to hoopzonebasketball.com, click on “Basketball Drills” and then “Ball Handling Drills”)
1. Drills without dribbling - 10 minutes
2. Drills with dribbling - 10 minutes
3. Drills using two balls - 10 minutes

All types with both hands especially baseball, outlet, flick and bounce.  

Foot Quickness:
1. Jump Rope - 5 minutes at 3/4 speed for endurance.
2. Jump Rope - 15 seconds off right foot for quickness.
3. Jump Rope - 15 seconds off left foot for quickness.
4. Jump Rope - 15 seconds alternating feet.
5. Jump Rope - 15 seconds on both feet.
(Do 3 repetitions of each with 30 seconds rest between the quick sets)
6. Run Steps - Up to build leg strength and down to build quickness - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.
7. Run Hills - Jog down and sprint up - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.
8. Intervals - Sprint straight-aways on a track and jog on curves. Alternate up to one mile. (Build to running 2-3 miles a day at 7 to 8 seconds.) To build additional quickness and leg strength run backwards or sideways, picking up your feet and putting them down quickly.

50 Shots off the Dribble:
1. Simulate shooting off the screen
2. Move on the move into the shot (crossover, stutter step, inside-out, inside-out crossover)
3. Stationary Move - Use Rocker Step to put defender on heels.
4 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws between sets, and record free throws.
(Repeat 3 times)  Take all shots at game speed!  I always say “Game shot at game stop at game speed”

30 Shots using shot and pass fakes:
1. Pump fake to shot
2. Pump fake, dribble to shot
3. Pass fake to shot
4. 5 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws in between and record free throws.
(Repeat 3 times)  Take all shots at game speed!  I always say “Game shot at game stop at game speed”

Reaching your goals is never an easy path, but great athletes that learn this lesson early will have great success.

Good luck with your game,

Coach O


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