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Shooting - Jump Shooting Errors and Corrections

We have talked allot about the jump shot, now let's take a look at some common problems that you can spot in your young athletes shooting techniques and what causes them.

1. Oblong ball rotation: This is where the ball will have an oblong or sideways rotation to it
a. Incorrect feet placement and an incorrect center of gravity.
b. The guide hand was improperly placed, interfering with the shot on the release.
c. Poor shooting-hand placement which interfered with the shot. This is commonly referred to as "thumbing the ball".

2. Flat rotation or no rotation: This is where the ball has little or no rotation
a. No follow through. The shooter did not snap their wrist at the apex of their shot. This is usually caused by a bad release point, which is generally caused by pushing the ball. They are usually, but not always interconnected, but usually are.
b. "Pushing the ball". This is very common and is very prevalent in new campers. Changing this one bad habit will dramatically improve an athlete's shooting percentage.

3. Flat shot: The shot takes a low-angle path to the basket
This is caused from pushing the ball, which is often the result of the shooter being outside their shooting range or poor follow through. Increased shooting arc can be achieved by making sure that the shooting forearm goes up instead of out towards the basket, and holding the shooting arm up as a follow through. Always shoot within your comfortable distance.

4. Ball consistently misses to the right or to the left
a. Shoulders are not square to the basket.
b. "Thumbing" the ball.
c. Feet are planted too close together when moving east to west or west to east, resulting in unstable balance. In this situation, the player is essentially falling in the same direction they are moving when they decide to pull up and shoot.
d. Elbow out instead of aligned on close.
e. Positioning the ball in front of the face, thus creating bad alignment.
f. Fingers on the shooting hand are positioned too close together on the ball.
g. The shooting hand is improperly placed on the ball.
h. Feet are not pointing at the basket.
i. Moving the head to the side, caused by bad alignment.

5. The ball consistently comes up short
a. Shooting from beyond a player's range.
b. Falling backward while making the shot.
c. Shooting while the weight is over the heels, rather than the balls of the feet up through the toe. A very common balance problem.

6. The ball consistently goes long
a. Pushing the ball.
b. Shooting from beyond a player's range.

Athletes should know these common errors and corrections. Anytime your shot misses there is a reason, know the correction and make a mental note to fix your next shot. A common example would be your shot falls short, instantly you should tell yourself the corrective measures to not have it happen on your next shot. Good luck on your shooting and commit to doing it right! .

Good luck with your game,

Coach O


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