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HOOPZONE Basketball Offers Kids a Unique Experience

What's a kid to do over the summer? Parents have so many options when trying to keep their children busy and the decision doesn't get any easier even when you narrow it down to a summer camp. But despite all the camp choices out there, there are actually very few that offer an all-around positive experience at a reasonable price.

HOOPZONE Basketball Camp is one of the rare exceptions. Open to boys and girls between the ages of 4 through high school these camps offered traditional basketball training tailored to each age group. Kids from all over central Michigan and even farther away came to Farwell Schools during the months of June and July to attend camps. Each camp consisted of 4 sessions for a minimal cost of $35.00 to get the kids involved and everyone went home with a free T-shirt and inspirational poster to hang up.

All of our campers were encouraged to work hard in a safe, disciplined and highly structured environment of learning and fun. Positive encouragement and measured improvement in the fundamental skills are trademarks of all HOOPZONE Basketball camps.

Our youngest camp, Lil’ Dribblers for ages 4 and kindergarten, is set in a fun, energetic and mistake friendly environment! Kids focused on learning what basketball is all about, building motor skills like balance and coordination, and develop listening skills while working together. Shooting at 4-1/2’ and 6’ high hoops with mini sized balls assured to develop proper form and the kids love it!

Our next set of camps were also co-ed, Basics 1-2 (grades 1&2) and HOOP STARS (grades 3-5). These camps taught the fundamentals of basketball such as dribbling, passing, shooting & man-to-man defense. Also teamwork, basketball terminology and good sportsmanship were instructed through fun filled station drills, relays, skill enhancement games, and scrimmages.

For kids in 6th – 8th grade we offered SKILLZ & DRILLZ where ball handling and shooting were the focus. Ball Handling drills, stationary dribble drills, moving with one ball and two ball drills along with firm passing skill sets were taught and monitored. Our shooting workout is a multi-session program that uses the B-E-E-F shooting principles. Shooting drills included dribble pull-up, catch and shoot, attacking the basket and free-throws.

PUREHOOP Shooting camp seen many middle and high school kids learn the proper mechanics of shooting. Each athlete was taught to evaluate and perfect their shot through classroom settings, intense repetitive drills that lock the necessary shooting technique into place. Shooting off the dribble, off the screen, attacking the basket, free throws were just a few of the many areas covered.

At hoopzonebasketball.com you will find tremendous development and instructional tools for athletes, parents and coaches. Over my years of coaching it is amazing how much information, plays, drills and player tips I’ve accumulated and written down. It is through having all this information that I have decided to share with you. On our site you will find a wide assortment of plays, drills, player tips, offenses, defenses, zones, press breaks, tip-offs, inbounds plays, articles and much more as helpful tools. Our Coaches Tools section is filled with information to assist coaches in getting organized and building a program.

HOOPZONE will be hosting our annual FALL BALL series beginning in October (following rocket football and youth soccer) in addition to pre-season camps for middle and high school athletes. To learn more about HOOPZONE Basketball check us out at www.hoopzonebasketball.com.

Good luck with your game,

Coach O


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