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8 Tips in Becoming Aggresive in Basketball

Over my years of coaching one of the areas I struggled with in my early years was coaching kids to become aggressive.  I’d hear comments from parents like “How do I light that fire in them, they are too timid and need to be aggressive, she catches the ball or gets an offensive rebound and does not take it strong to the basket.”

Every coach and parent wants to see their players become aggressive and in control of their game.  Most times you’ll find boys tend to be aggressive while girls are too polite and timid.  So the question here is how can a player, no matter what the gender, become more aggressive in basketball.  

Now remember we are not talking about meanness or rage, we are talking about a player being in control and playing hard and smart ball no matter what the defense throws at them.

Here are 8 of my tips to become aggressive in basketball or any sport:

1. Must Have a Mental Toughness.
It all starts in the head.  Aggressiveness does not just happen, no matter how hard you train and condition.  The mind is where we make the decision as to whether, or not, we want to play aggressive basketball.  Every player must ask themselves can I do this, and if so they must make an effort every time they are practicing or playing in games to apply aggressiveness.  If you can’t drive the ball hard into the lane, or forcefully put back up an offensive rebound through your defender then you must develop mental toughness.  An “I CAN” attitude.

2. Having Confidence.
Having confidence is one of the pillars of playing aggressive.  When you feel confident with your skills, you feel as if you can do almost anything.  If you feel confident that you can make the basket, get the rebound, then you just do it more relaxed, and it becomes as second nature to you.  Learn to appreciate your skills and what you have to offer so that you can learn to value your contribution to the basketball team.  In this way, you are helping yourself to gain confidence.

3. Do Not Underestimate Yourself.
Do not compare yourself with your teammates and feel good about where you are at.  Raise your level of play far above anyone you know.  Know who you are, appreciate your skills and push yourself.  If you ever become content with just getting by you’ll never learn to develop aggressiveness.

4. Have Your Body Ready.
Basketball is a very physical game and if you want to contribute in an aggressive way, you must develop a strong body in order to compete with the demands of the sports.. Aggressive players play their best no matter who they go up against with.  Their main goal is to drive the ball, get the rebound or get the steal no matter what the cost, sometimest, sometimes risking their health.

5. Do Not Hesitate.
Hesitation can cause a player to double guess themselves and become timid.  Know your boundries and what you can and cannot do.  Do not spend time thinking too much about what you need to do, basketball is a game of reacting to circumstances quickly to get the jump up on your opponent.  Put away your fears, learn the game and our position and by doing so you will learn to play with aggression.

6. Play Under Pressure.
The players who put themselves under pressure to perform many times are the ones who come out aggressive.  Playing aggressive is similar to playing under pressure, like there is no tomorrow.  Players jumping demanding the rebound, diving for loose balls, or dribble driving to the basket are players who put pressure on themselves to achive their goal, thus becoming aggressive.

7. Play With High Energy.
Playing with energy can be considered as playing with aggressiveness.  Once the ball comes in play you play with every ounce of energy you have.  Maintaining a high level of energy can be achieved by eating right, proper rest and develop a high level of conditioning.   

8. Is It Your Passion?
If your passion is basketball, or any sport, you must spend time on your own developing your game, your skills and your education of the sport.  So many young players only spend develop their game during team structured settings.  By doing this it will give you confidence, you’ll be a better player having learned the game.  Reading books, articles, watching the game being played, spending time in your own driveway are all keys to creating a more aggressive basketball game.

Good luck with your game,

Coach O


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