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10 Ways to Get More PLaying Time

One of the things many parents ask me when it comes to their kids playing on a team is, “how can they get more playing time? What do we need to do? What is the coach looking for?”

With only so many minutes in a game most coaches will play the athletes they feel will give them the best chance to win. How can you prove to the coach you deserve more playing time? You can’t just say it, the coach must see it.



I think we all understand that playing time is earned not just given out to all, unless it is a very young age group where all are getting the same playing time. From a coaches standpoint here are the top 10 things I look for in a young player.

1. Maintain a great attitude in the good times and the bad. Body language speaks volumes about your attitude and the coach reads this.

2. Be a coachable athlete and always look into your coach’s eye and acknowledge their instruction. Then focus on doing the fundamentals right.

3. Be sociable. Talk to your coach, say hi, and develop a relationship whether you are playing or not.

4. Spend every minute of practice time focused and paying attention. Coaches appreciate and respect players who show they want to be there.

5. Be a team player and motivator and put your team first at all times. Don’t be the one who complains or pouts when your team wins because you didn’t play much.

6. Show your coach your best skill when playing. Maybe it isn’t scoring but rather stopping your opponent with great defense. Make sure you display this every day in practice as well.

7. Put in extra serious time before and after practice. If you want to get better this is the most effective way for you to do it and get noticed.  Get to practice early and stay late. It WILL get noticed!

8. Always be ready when you are asked to go in, whether in practice or in a game. Be attentive during practice and games so when you are called you know what is going on and ready to get at it!

9. Make your team better. Be the one who plays hard, smart and gives their all at every practice and game opportunity.

10. After demonstrating your hard work ethic and a focus to get better, talk to your coach and simply ask him/her areas you can focus on to get better.

No matter what your role is take advantage of it and make the best of it. Your role may not be to play the most minutes or make the most points but if you want more playing time this is where you start. If you want time on the floor, you need to take pride in the role you have and give it your all.

Believe me when I say if you follow these simple steps your coach WILL notice. Whether you have great skills or not you will be given the chance to prove yourself.


Good luck with your game,

Coach O

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